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Kingdom Trails Adventure Packages

     Posted on Sun ,06/03/2011 by knight

KT Adventure Packages include: Transportation from/to Manchester or Burlington airport, one week trailside lodging, and a 10 person shuttle van with driver/ guide/chaperone.  Prices start at $300 per person.

We are doing things a little differently this year, no Ultimate Freeride Camp, instead we’re offering custom adventure packages.

These packages are available for all ages.
$2700 for a group of 2 people, (3-10= $50 more per person) gets; 1 week lodging,1 driver/ guide/instructor/chaperone(24 hour care for ages 13-18), and a 10 passenger shuttle van. That would make it $1350 each for 2 people .
If you know anyone else who would like to come, each participant makes it cheaper per person, ie 4 people would be $700, 5= $570 each and 10 would be $310 each.
All packages can be customized to meet the groups needs. For example, subtract $300 from the week if no chaperone is required and then the driver/guide/instructor and van will be available 10-7.
If you do not require lodging the weekly rate is $1700 for the driver/guide/instructor and van.
Click here to go to and book your adventure!
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Signs of Spring

     Posted on Tue ,12/04/2011 by knight

Winter in Northeastern Vermont is  reluctantly releasing its claws and allowing the Earth to awaken. Day by day the snowpack recedes, revealing the emerging  life beneath. Flowers bravely extend their tender shoots skyward.  Grass appears and, seemingly, in the next instant, transforms  from dry brown wisps to vibrant green blades.  Curls of sod  shaved  from the earth by early season plowing lay like orange peels. These familiar changes reminds our inner selves of springs past and a giddyness rises within.

Of all the seasonal markers, none evokes in me this eager anticipation as strongly as seeing the earthen giants of my back yard rise from their snowy graves. I wade among them, fording slushy moats to ascend and stand atop a muddy prominence. Drinking it  in I close my eyes and can almost hear the buzz of hubs and slap of shovels.

The spring emergence of dirt is a special thing to Vermont mountain bikers, for me its my jumps, for others its that south facing section of singletrack. As much as we wish for no off season, the loss of this magical time of change would be a shame.

Spring is here and I can’t wait to ride!

Stay trail-side on Kingdom Trails’ Kitchel!

     Posted on Thu ,07/01/2010 by knight

Ditch your car! These ride out accommodations are located right outside of East Burke Village. With stunning views of Burke Mountain, 6 acres of privacy and one of KT’s signature trails on the property. This is truly a mountain biker’s dream house.
The newly renovated ideRide clubhouse is available for rent starting in February.

ideRide 2010 Ultimate Freeride Camp Teaser by Mocean365

     Posted on Sat ,02/01/2010 by knight

One key aspect sets ideRide Freeride camps apart from the competition is the professionally produced media by Mocean365. Each participant gets to relive the moment in full HD for years to come. Here is our teaser for the July 2010 “ideRide Ultimate Freeride Camp”. This is a low-resolution copy for faster viewing by all. Produced by Mocean365. For a larger, higher quality version check out their channel at

Last Years Freeride camps were a huge success and this year looks to be even better with additions like a foam pit, Trampoline, and newly constructed Kingdom Trails Freeride Lines.

Ryan Learns To Flip

     Posted on Fri ,01/01/2010 by knight

Cool litle vid Ebbett made of Lucianno learning to flip at his foam pit.

Cool litle vid Ebbett made of Lucianno learning to flip at his foam pit.

Day in the life – More Mountain Bike Videos

Mocean365 webisode featuring ideRide’s revamp on Kingdom Trails Kitchel

     Posted on Sun ,27/12/2009 by knight


In May 2009 Kingdom Trails executive director Tim Tierny approached ideRide about rebuilding one of their signature trails, Kitchel. This trail was always a favorite way to finish a long loop on Darling Hill. Its decent into East Burke featured a series of berms that were fun but old and in disrepair. Kingdom trails saw this as an excellent spot to build a “machine trail”.  A machine trail is built with an excavator and has a wider tread path often with technical trail features like berms, rollers and jumps creating the grade changes.  This type of trail is rising in popularity at bike parks everywhere and so it was important for  Kingdom Trails to add one to keep our system progressive and interesting.  IdeRide is dedicated to promoting the progression of trails, skills and the great sport of mountain biking so we were excited to say the least. In mid June trail designer/builder Knight, armed with the ideRide excavator met the Kingdom Trails Crew on site. Over the course of three weeks (with a long lull in the middle due to a broken excavator track) a radical new trail was born. Knight designed the jumps to be low angle and user friendly and the berms with wide radii. The Kingdom Trails Crew and ideRider Erik Mentes shaped and dialed meticulously. The resulting trail is fun for the whole family, on a busy day the hoots and yells of joy can be heard in East Burke. Look for more trails like this in KT’s future.

Check Out This Cool Webisode By Mocean365


Kingdom Trails Ride Guide TV webisode

     Posted on Sun ,27/12/2009 by knight

LOGO_RIDEGUIDE_SWOOSH_FB3_biggerRide Guide TV is a weekly snowboard, freeski and mountain bike television series. Back in 2008, before the birth of ideRide we made this litle promo vid For Kingdom trails. Ride Guide sent a crew and we spent two days showing off the best that Kingdom Trails has to offer. Everyone was a little bummed out when they didn’t send Ride Guide host, Darcy Turene but the resulting video was top notch. It never made it to the weekly TV show but its on the Ride Guide website.

This video is especially fun for me because of the segment that shows me with my dog Zoey, she’s the best little trail dog out there. Kingdom trails posted this video on their website and now whenever I’m out on the trails with Zoey I hear peple saying” hey, isn’t that the little dog from the website?”<embed src=”
width=”701″ height=”448″ wmode=”window”/>

Ryan Thibeault gets the shot

     Posted on Sat ,26/12/2009 by knight

I’m just now dragging these shot out from an early summer jam at our indoor park. Dave Smutoc, Clint Mcmahon and some friends came and ripped it up. Clint backflipped everything in the place and Smutoc laid down some of his usual smoothness.
This space is notorious for frustating photographers with its low light but Ryan has what it takes to get the shot.Knight

Wall Slap

Wall Slap


Kingdom Trails ends season at Trout River

     Posted on Wed ,23/12/2009 by knight

k & o

Pizza and Beer!

Pizza and Beer!

December 11 Kingdom Trails held their annual employee/volunteer appreciation party. The Pizza was awesome, the beer was even better and executive director, Tim Tierny summed up the good vibe with an excellent speech.

ideRide & Pro-Tec team up for 2010

     Posted on Fri ,11/12/2009 by knight

On a recent trip to sunny California I made my way to the Vans/Pro-Tec corporate headquarters for a meeting with Ari, head of marketing for Pro-Tec. After talking for a while it became obvious that ideRide and Pro-Tec are a perfect match. ideRide is a company that is all about progression, whether its progression of the sport itself or progression of an individual’s skills. Although Pro-Tec has been the standard for skate/bmx gear they are a relative newcomers to the Mtn Bike scene and are actively developing a great product line that they are calling “protection for progression” 
All ideRide coaches will be going into the 2010 season decked head to toe in the sick gear that Pro-Tec has to offer.
This deal gives Pro-Tec great exposure on Kingdom Trails, a “hot spot” for Mtn. Biking on the East Coast, and ideRide great protection for thier progression.  Protec-Logo-11